Historic Sheet Music Collection

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MacIntosh Collection

New York: Broadway Music Corporation (145 W 45th St.), 1915.

Some of these resources may contain offensive language or negative stereotypes. Such materials should be seen in the context of the time period and as a reflection of attitudes of the time. The items are part of the historical record, and do not represent the views of the library or the institution.


[Verse 1]
Last night while I was a-sleeping,
I heard a raggedy tune,
Into my brain it kept creeping,
It had me wide awake soon
Then I heard somebody singing,
Rock-a-bye baby’s refrain
Like my mother did, when I was a kid,
Then I fell asleep again.

Put me to sleep with an old fashioned melody when the lights are burning low
Sing to me Harmony that will bring me back to mothers knee
Sue, dear, I remember you,
You’re a song of long ago,
Oh, Put me to sleep with an old fashioned melody,
And wake me up with a rag.

[Verse 2]
Just like a rose in December,
Brings back the summer to you,
Some little sing you remember,
Brings back somebody you knew
Sometimes you catch yourself humming,
Tunes that were once near and dear,
Memories will cling, ev’ry note you sing,
Brings along a little tear.



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