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San Antonio

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MacIntosh Collection

Artist: Starmer

New York: Jerome H. Remick & Co. (1907)

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[Verse 1]
Just as the moon was peeping o’er the hill,
After the work was through
There sat a cowboy and his partner Bill
Cowboy was feeling blue Bill says “Come down Pal,
Down into town Pal,
Big time for me and you,
Don’t mind your old gal you know its “Cold” Pal,
If what you say is true
“Where is she now” Bill cried
And his partner just replied

San Antonio
She hopped up on a pony and ran away with Tony
If you see her just let me know and
I’ll meet you in San Antonio.

[Verse 2]
You know that pony that she rode away,
That horse belongs to me
So do the trinkets that she stow’d away.
I was the big mark E
I wont resent it I might have spent it
Plunging with Faro Jack
If she’s not happy there with her chappie
Tell her I’ll take her back
No tender foot like him
Could love her like her boy Jim



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