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School Mates

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MacIntosh Collection

Mate to School Days

New York: Gus Edwards Music Pub. Co. (1909)

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[Verse 1]
Mem’ry strays, to other days,
When I was small,
A little maid, with hair in braid,
I now recall;
Proudly to the school house gate,
Just at eight, books and slate;
I would carry, as I’d tarry,
With my little school mate.

School mates we,
You and me,
Since the day we “learnt” to say our “A. B. C.”
Love notes and glances, passed to and fro;
Schoolmates, playmates,
Not so many years ago.

[Verse 2]
Years have flown, and we have grown,
Old school mate mine,
But still I hear, in fancy dear,
The clock strike nine;
As you’d call out tenderly,
“Wait for me, after three;”
School hours over, through the clover,
We’d stroll home so merry.



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