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Knock Wood

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MacIntosh Collection

New York: Harry Von Tilzer Music Pub.Co., 125 W 43rd St (1911)

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[Verse 1]
She, was a pretty little miss,
He, said that she was made to kiss,
In his arms he’d fold her,
And oh! How tight he’d hold her
They, had a fuss as lovers do
Say, he said tell me where were you
Eight O’clock last evening?
Or you and I are through!
She laughed and shook her head,
Then he got mad and said.

If you love a Pearl, of a Girl, with a Curl, knock wood, knock wood,
If she loves you too, says to you, I’ll be true, knock wood, knock wood,
If you say, “I guess I’ve got her right,”
Guess again who she was with last night,
Then go tie a string to the ring while you sing, knock wood, knock wood.

[Verse 2]
He, said “I’m way up in the air,”
She, said “Perhaps you think I care,”
Once I caught you in teasing,
With Jennie Brown and squeezing,
I, let you get away with that,
Why, I just ought to leave you flat
Don’t go what’s your hurry,
Well, good night, here’s your hat,
But say before you go,
I just want you to know.



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