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Dinna Forget

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Dinna Forget.

A Ballad

The Words by Johns Imlah, Esq.

Composed by Mrs. Millard

New York: Published by Dubois & Stodart 167 Broadway

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Dinna forget! laddie dinna forget!
Ne'er make me rue that we ever have met;
Wide tho' we sever parted for ever
Willie! When far awa dinna forget!

We part and it may be we meet never mair,
Yet my heart as in Hope,will be true in despair;
And the sigh of remembrance the tear of regret
For thee will be frequent then dinna forget!

When the star o' the gloamin is beaming above,
think how oft it hath lighted the tryst of our love;
O! deem is an angel's ee Heaven hath set
To watch thee to warn thee sae dinna forget!



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