Historic Sheet Music Collection

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MacIntosh Collection

New York: Jerome H. Remick & Co. (1917)

Some of these resources may contain offensive language or negative stereotypes. Such materials should be seen in the context of the time period and as a reflection of attitudes of the time. The items are part of the historical record, and do not represent the views of the library or the institution.


[Verse 1]
Somewhere the stars are gleaming
Somewhere the moon shines bright
Somewhere the boys are dreaming
And thru the weary night
To ev’ry heart that’s lonely
There comes a vision fair
Just a picture of Home Sweet Home
And a loved one waiting there

There’s a window light a-burning for someone out there
There’s a heart that’s ever yearning and a head bowed down in pray’r
There’s a loving hand to guide him
Where e’er he may roam
Back again to peaceful valley
On the Road to Home Sweet Home

[Verse 2]
Somewhere the day is breaking
Somewhere the bugle calls
Somewhere a heart is aching
Somewhere a tear drop falls
But there’s a smile behind it
Hope whispers “Don’t you sigh
It’s a long way to Home Sweet Home
But we’ll get there bye and bye



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