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Spring Song

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MacIntosh Collection

Philadelphia: The Standard Music Pub. Co., 1020 Market Street (1906)

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[Verse 1]
In the gentle springtime when the birds and flowers, make love with you in natures fairest bowers
Then you and I as in the days gone by will dream love’s dream while fleet the sunny hours.
In dale or dell, in forests fair to see where tower the mountain heights in all their majesty,
By ocean’s shore, or wooded grove,
I’ll sigh to thee, I’ll sigh to thee of my true love.
The worlds delight we two will prove
Then come with me my love!
Then come with me my own true love
Then come with me my own true love
In ecstasy
Oh come with me!

[Verse 2]
Hark! The winds are sighing and the nightingale,
Is telling sweetest music in the enchanted dale,
And see the golden moon dawns fair on high to glorify,
And tell us love can never die. No! love can never die;
For nature lives alone thro’ love,
Then why not you and I?
So lift our hearts to heaven above
O come with me,
My own true love!
O come with me my own true love!
In ecstasy my own true love
In ecstasy
O come with me!
O come with me!


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