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Beautiful Queen of the Nile

"Cheer Up" at the New York Hippodrome
Management Charles Dillingham
Staged by R.H. Burnside

Lyrics by John L. Golden

Music by Raymond Hubbell

New York: T. B. Harms and Francis Day & Hunter, 1917

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*Note: The last page of this piece includes four excerpts from popular compositions by Raymond Hubbell


[Verse One] The sphinx had been silent for thousands of years,
And guarded the secrets of Egypt right well,
But if it would speak, what stories of tears
And tales of sweet love it should tell!
For here in its shadow a wond'rous love came,
A soldier and siren a tent for their home,
The queen of the Nile, Cleopatra, her name
And Anthony, bravest of Rome.
He sued her and wooed her o'er desert and ocean, And this was his song of devotion.

[Refrain] Queen of the Nile,
You've made my life well worth while.
Somehow some way
Some time and some day
I'll pray that I'll win your smile
For my crown I gave
To be your own humble slave
Here dear with you on this isle
My beautiful Queen of the Nile.

[Verse Two] When Antony came with his thousands of men
To Egypt to rule them, a conqueror brave,
The Siren, she wo'od and subdued him and then
The conqueror soon was her slave.
And he who had ruled over Caesar himself,
For fair Cleopatra was lowly and mean,
Gave up claim for fame, for power or pelf,
To love and be loved by his Queen.
And swains of today sing the same old love story
That Antony sang in his glory.




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