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Wait and See (You'll Want Me Back)
Waltz Ballad

Posed by Mary MacLaren Universal Star and Jack Mulhall
Used by permission.
Can be had for your phonograph or player piano

by Chas. R. McCarron and Carey Morgan
writers of "I'm Glad I Can Make You Cry" , "Oh Helen" etc

New York. Published by Jos. W. Stern & Co., 102-104 W.38th St.


1st verse:
I'm sorry our little romance is through,
I never knew, you'd leave me blue,
I'm sorry out little dollhouse must go,
How sorry you'll never know.

Just wait and see, you'll come to me,
Sorry that you've gone away
You'll feel so blue, wondering who,
Gets all the kisses, belonging to you,
There'll come a day, you'll come and say,
I'm lonely, please pity me,
And when you do, I'll still be true,
You'll want me back, wait and see.

2nd verse:
Like tired children we quarreled at play,
There came a day, you went away,
Why can't we build up our dollhouse anew,
I'm longing, dearie, for you.


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