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T. M. Todd

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Wait Love Until the War is Over
Song and Chorus

Music adapted by T.M. Todd

Philadelphia. Published by Lee & Walker, 722 Chestnut St.

Some of the resources may contain offensive language or negative stereotypes. Such materials should be seen in the context of the time period and as a reflection of attitudes of the time. The items are part of the historical record, and do not represent the views of the libraries or the institution.


1st verse:
'Twas gentle eve, the stars were bright,
All nature hushed, seemed lonely;
I wandered in the moon's pale light,
With the maid I loved so fondly.
Our vows renewed, our spirits free,
Our hearts with joy ran over;
But ah! a sad smile said to me,
"Wait love until the war is over."

1st Chorus:
Wait love, wait love, wait love, until the war is over.

2nd verse:
I left my home - Oh! who can tell,
The anguish felt at parting
With those whose tears like raindrops fell
Upon their boy when starting;
I longed with ardent hopes to fly
To her whose prayers still hover
Around my couch and waking sigh,
Would love that the the war were over.

2nd Chorus:
Wait love, wait love, wait love, until the war is over.

3rd verse:
Oh sad it was to leave the form;
Of her I loved with madness;
Yet I hastened to the battle storm,
The foe to meet with gladness.
And Oh! at night with heart set free,
When the day's long fight was over,
In dreams she seemed to say to me -
"Hope love, the war will soon be over."

3rd Chorus:
Hope love, hope love, hope, for the war will soon be over.

4th verse:
Sweet joyous peace beams o'er our land,
Our foes their flight have taken,
I hasten with a wealth of love
To the promised one awaiting.
Her face is bright, from sadness free,
With radiance beaming over -
I hear her sweet voice say to me,
"Come love, for now the war is over!"

4th Chorus:
Come love, come love, come love, for now the war is over.


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