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Harold Orlob

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John Cort offers the musical comedy Listen Lester

Book and lyrics by Harry L. Cort and George E. Stoddard
Staged by Robert Marks
Music by Harold Orlob

New York. Published by Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., cor. Broadway & 47th Street

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1st verse:
Of all the girls I've met, there's never been one yet,
That I ever gave a second thought to, till I met you;
Now your sweet love it seems makes this a land of dreams,
Which will grant us all our wishes and show us what true bliss is;
So no matter how long it may be, take this from me

I will be waiting for you dear, always,
Be it a day or a year;
For I'll be so lonesome when we are apart,
Will you be lonesome too dear
And from the first moment I gazed into your lovely eyes
I had a feeling that's new,
So if you will only just say your are lonely,
You'll find me waiting for you.

2nd verse:
Just let me say to you, of all the boys I knew,
There has never been one that I cared for, that is before;
Until I saw your smile that made me think a while,
There is surely some great pleasure
When a heart beats to love's measure;
So if your are sure you like but me, say happily


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