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What's the Use of Going Home (When there's nobody there to love)
Words by Grant Clarke and Joe McCarthy
Music by Jimmie Monaco

New York. Published by Leo. Feist Inc.

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1st verse:
I'm always out till midnight,
I'm never home, you say,
It's just because I'm lonesome,
That's why I live this way.
Don't think that i'm so happy,
Don't think I mean to roam,
If I had someone waiting there,
You bet that I'd be home.

Gee! but it's great to have someone to care for you,
Home life to share with you, and when the day is through,
She'll bring around your slippers and light your good cigar,
Just picture that old fireside, there's baby, pa and ma.
Then there's no place like "Home, Sweet Home,"
That's a blessing from above,
But tell me what's the use of going home,
When there's nobody there to love?

2nd verse:
I'd gladly quit the white lights,
I'd leave cafes alone,
Your eyes would be my bright lights,
With love they'd shine at home,
I like the cafe music,
But how my poor heart sighs
To have a home and listen to you singing lullabies.


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