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Respectfully dedicated to Miss Ann Eliza P. Shuster
What is Home Without a Mother
by Alice Hawthorne

Philadelphia. Published by Lee & Walker, 188 Chestnut St.

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1st verse:
What is home without a mother,
What are all the joys we meet?
When her loving smile no longer
Greets the coming coming of our feet;
The days seem long, the nights are drear,
And time rolls slowly on:
And oh how few are childhoods pleasures,
When her gentle care is gone.

2nd verse:
Things we prize are first to vanish;
Hearts we love to pass away.
And how soon, e'en in our childhood,
We behold her turning turning gray;
Her eye grows dim, her step is slow,
Her joys of earth are past:
And sometimes 'ere we learn to know her,
She hath breath'd on earth on earth her last.

3rd verse:
Older hearts may have their sorrows,
Griefs that quickly die away;
But a mother lost in childhood,
Grieves the heart from day to day.
We miss her kind, her willing hand;
Her fond and earnest care:
And oh! how dark is life around us,
What is home without her there.


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