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M. F. Kelly

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We'll Never Let Our Old Flag Fall
Lyric by Albert E. MacNutt
Music by M.F. Kelly

New York. Published by John Hanna, Chappell & Co., 41 East 34th St.

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1st verse:
Stars and stripes the emblem of our nation,
Grand old flag of strength and Unity,
Best old flag that waves in all creation,
Our Stars and Stripes, the flag of Liberty
Stars and Stripes, our flag of grace and beauty,
Each brave heart will answer to thy call,
Hand in hand, we stand to do our duty,
and we'll never let our old flag fall.

We'll never let our old flag fall,
For we love it the best of all,
We don't want to fight to showour might,
But when we start, we'll fight, fight, fight.
In peace or war, our voices ring,
"My country tis of thee, " we sing,
At the sound of her call,
We'll show them all,
We'll never let our old flag fall.

2nd verse:
Stars and Stripes wave on, wave on, forever,
O'er a land of Peace and Purity,
Bond of love that discord cannot sever,
Our dear old emblem of security
Stars and Stripes, our flag of fame and story,
Each heart throbs, in answer to thy cal,
Side by side, we'll fight for our Old Glor,
and we'll never let our old flag fall.


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