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Lew Pollack

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Weep No More My Mammy
Lyric by Sidney D. Mitchell, Sydney Clare
Music by Lew Pollack

New York. Published by Broadway Music Corp., 145 West 45th St.

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1st verse:
Many years ago
When I first left mammy's knee
I didn't know how much she really meant to me
But now when mammy cries I realize

Oh mammy weep no more
Please dry your tears
I'm gonna keep you for remaining years
I can't repay the debt I owe you
Still I'll try to show you
How much I appreciate
Before it is too late
So creep once more
Right into my arms
You'll lose your sleep no more
Because you miss me
Oh weep no more my mammy weep no more
Show your honey your bright and sunny smile
Oh mammy smile.

2nd verse:
Since I've been away
How I've miss'd you mammy dear
I'm back to stay
No more to leave you never fear
From now on you will be
The world to me


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