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The Wedding Glide
by Louis A. Hirsch
As introduced in the Great Winter Garden success "The Passing Show of 1912"

New York. Published by Shapiro Music Co. Cor. Broadway & Thirty Ninth Street.

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Come on, we're goin' to have a little raggy wedding,
Come on, come down where all the classy folks are heading;
I've got the preacher and here's the ring,
I've got the girl, I've got ev'rything,
And there's a band to play a wedding rag
Don't stop, the bride down at the church will soon be waiting,
Don't stop, she mustn't think that I am hesitating,
I wonder where my best man can be?
He promised he would stand up for me,
Why here's my honey, now I mustn't lag

Oh! hear the band a playing the wedding glide
Oh! honey, come to my side
And when you say "Love obey," start this way, just a little bolder.
We'll go through life a swaying, my little bride
And when the preacher man is through,
Blessing me and you, making one of two,
Shake your shoulder, and start to do, that happy wedding glide.

2nd verse:
Goodbye, I'm leaving all the other {girls , boys} behind me,
Goodbye I'm caught, so after this don't ever mind me
I've made the leap and I took the chance,
I've found the one and {she'll, hell} make me dance,
So it's a wedding trip with my own pride
Ding, dong, the bells up in the church are loudly ringing,
Ding, dong, upon my arm my little honey's clinging,
Please ask the crowd to step back some more,
We're starting to go right in the door,
We're off, we're starting on the wedding glide.


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