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When I Discovered You
Chas. Dillingham presents the musical comedy
Watch Your Step
Lyrics & music by Irving Berlin
Book by Harry B. Smiith
Staged by R.H. Burnside

New York. Published by Irving Berlin, Inc., No. 1571 Broadway.

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1st verse:
History proves since the World first began,
Wonderful things have been discovered by man,
Though to discover has not been my plan,
I'm a discoverer too,
Tho' I know my name won't be known to fame
This much is true.

Columbus discovered America,
Hudson discovered New York,
Benjamin Franklin discovered the spark,
That Edison discovered would light up the dark,
Marconi discovered the ocean blue,
But the greatest discovery was
Whey you discovered me and I discovered you

2nd verse:
History proves since the World first began,
Ev'rything great was not discovered by man,
Girls can discover what men never can,
I'm a discoverer too,
Tho' I'll never be known to history
This much is true.


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