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When I Send You a Picture of Berlin
(You'll Know It's Over, "Over There", I'm Coming Home
By Frank Fay, Ben Ryan & Dave Dreyer

New York. Published by Harry Von Tilzer Music Pub. Co., 222 W, 46th St.

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1st verse:
Johnny Johnson feeling fit
Uniform and army kit
Johnny was a cam'ra fiend
Of that trip had often dreamed
Sweetheart crying at the pier
Said "I'm proud of you my dear"
Now you'll realize your dreams
Taking pictures of those scenes,
Said John that's what I'll do
And I'll send them home to you.

When I send you a picture of London
Then you'll know I've landed safely "Over There"
When I send you a snapshot of Paris
You'll know I'm ready to do and dare (I'll do my share)
You'll know I'm thinking about you,
When I send you my photo all alone
But when I send you a picture of Berlin
You'll know it's over, "Over There", I'm coming home.

2nd verse:
Sweetheart waving at the pier
Saw the transport disappear
Dried her tears and heaved a sigh
Said he'll come back, "bye and bye"
There are millions more like him
Full of vim in fighting trim
Smiling when they sail away
Our debt to France they're glad to pay
We'll miss them all at home
But there's truth in Johnny's poem.


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