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When I Leave the World Behind
By Irving Berlin as introduced by Al Jolson

New York. Published by Waterson, Berlin & Snyder Co.

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1st verse:
I know a millionaire,
Who's burdened down with care,
A load is on his mind.
He's thinking of the day
When he must pass away
And leave his wealth behind.
I haven't any gold
To leave when I grow old,
Somehow it passed me by.
I'm very poor, but still
I'll leave a precious will
When I must say goodbye.

I'll leave the sunshine to the flowers,
I'll leave the spring time to the trees;
And to the old folks I'll leave the mem'ries
Of a baby upon their knees.
I'll leave the night time to the dreamers,
I'll leave the song birds to the blind;
I'll leave the moon above to those in love,
When I leave the world behind,
When I leave the world behind.

2nd verse:
To ev'ry wrinkled face
I'l leave a fireplace,
To paint their fav'rite scene,
Within the golden rays,
Scenes of their childhood days,
When they were sweet sixteen.
I'll leave them each a song
To sing the whole day long,
As toward the end they plod.
To ev'ry broken heart
With sorrow torn apart,
I'll leave the love of God.


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