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When Grand Circus Park Was Uptown
Lyric [by] Raymond B. Egan
Music [by] Richard A. Whiting

Detroit. Published by Jos. B. Mills.

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1st verse:
Welcome Stranger to our City,
Welcome to our Gate.
Just this simple little slogan
Made a small town great.
People heard and People answered,
and we're in their debt,
For they built a mighty City,
and yet I can't forget.

When Grand Circus Park was up town
and bicycles were all the craze;
There wasn't the clamor and glamour,
But those were wonderful days.
Then Dad did the family's voting,
and Mother's one problem was pies;
And early to bed and early to rise,
Kept the roses in cheeks
and the sunshine in eyes.
When Grandfather drove our surrey
down main street without any fuss,
The horse that had never known hurry,
Was quite fast enough to suit us.
Then the old City hall seemed beautiful,
When the style was a gingham gown,
They're were many more smiles on the avenue,
When Grand Circus Park was up town.

2nd verse:
City squares replace the meadows,
That we used to know.
And the wild wood of our childhood
vanished years ago.
Still I love to steal a moment,
from the busy day,
Spending it in dreams of old times,
now lost to us for aye.


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