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When a Boy Says Good Bye to his Mother and She Gives Him to Uncle Sam
Words & music by Jack Frost

Chicago. Published by Frank K. Root.

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1sr verse:
Ev'ry time I see a suit of khaki,
I am proud, tho' my heart is sad;
I think each time I see a Yankee Jackie,
He is some Yankee mother's lad
Just think of how she watched and loved him
since he was knee high,
Then think how her old heart must sigh.

When a boy says goodbye to his mother,
And the sound of the bugle is heard,
He knows that tear in her eye means,
"Come back by and by,"
Tho' her fond lips breathe never a word.
All the angels are praying above her
That he'll come back to Yankee land;
When a boy says good-bye to his mother,
And she gives him to Uncle Sam.

2nd verse:
No one knows just how her soul is aching
When she whispers, "Come back again;"
And no one knows her heart is nearly breaking,
Still he know she will not complain
For she's a Yankee mother true
and when it's time to start,
She's ready to do all her part.


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