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Anselm Goetzl

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When the Cherry Blossoms Fall (Love is Love)
Cohan & Harris Presents The Cohanized Opera Comique in Three Acts
The Royal Vagabond
Book by Stephen Idor Szinnyey and Wm. Cary Duncan
Lyrics by William Cary Duncan
Music by Anselm Goetzl
Staged by Julian Mitchell and Sam Forrest

New York. M. Witmark & Sons.

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Tho' you are a princess with castles and lands,
A humble courtier I.
Yet love is love, and love's demands
No monarch can deny.
You are mine and I am yours,
And so we will ever be;
For a love like yours and mine endures
For all eternity.

Love is love in ermine or tatters, dear,
Love is love and nothing else matters, dear;
Love that's true is all in all,
Ever over hew own watches longingly, tenderly.
Love is love, in palace or hovel, dear,
heart to heart speaks softly and love will hear:
Songs of Springtime, Wedding ring time,
When the cherry blossoms fall, when the cherry blossoms fall.


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