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Who's Who With You?
Duet (Bobby and Polly)
Words by Arthur Francis
Music by Vincent Youmans

New York. Published by T.B. Harms and Francis, Day & Hunter.

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Ev'ry day my love keeps growing, darling, I'm all for you.
But with Jerry 'round I'm woeful dear, when I call for you.
You're so wonderful I know he can't help but fall for you,
So don't you see what worries me? Who's who with you?

Since we met there's much I fine in life to be glad about,
but there's something on my mind that I am quite sad about.
I'm afraid that you're the kind who always will gad about.
So you can see what worries me? Who's who with you?

Refrain: (Bobby)
Please tell me, do! What lucky chap can make you happy when you're blue?
Who makes you sigh, as he goes by? Who thrills you with his call?
Who is your one and all? I wish I knew Who's who with you?

Refrain: (Polly)
Oh, tell me do! Who knits your ties to match your eyes of baby blue?
Whose winning voice makes you rejoice? I lose my sleep at night
Just wond'ring who's in right. Who is that who?
(Bobby) You know it's you!


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