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Edward German

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Who'll Buy My Lavender?
The words by Caryl Battersby, M.A.
The music by Edward German

New York. Published by Boosey & Co., Steinway Hall 111-113 West 57th St..

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Ladies fair, I bring to you
Lavender with spikes of blue;
Sweeter plant was never found
Growing in our English fround.
Who'll buy my lavender?

Lavender shall turn your rooms
Into gardens full of blooms;
You shall almost hear the bees
Humming drowsy melodies
Who'll buy? Who'll buy?
Who'll buy? Who'll buy?
Who'll buy my lavender, my sweet lavender?

Velvet gown and dainty fur
Should be laid in lavender,
For its sweetness drives away
Fretting moths of silver gray.
Who'll buy my lavender?
Ladies fair, I pray that ye
Like the lavender may be,
And your fame, when you are gone,
Still in sweetness linger on.


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