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Jerome Kern

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Words by B.G. DeSylva

Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.s production of Marilyn Miller and Leon Errol
In the musical comedy Sally
Book & lyrics by Guy Bolton & Clifford Grey
Music by Jerome Kern
Staged by Edward Royce

New York. Published by T.B. Harms Company.

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Mem'ry takes me back away
To an early childhood day
When I stood within a little wood
As day wasfading.
I remember oh, so well
Strolling in the dusky dell
I would thrill because the whip-poor-will
Was serenading.

While the dusky nightbird flew
To the evening rendezvous,
In the dell I've heard the vesper bell
So softly ringing.
As its music died away,
And the sky began to gray
All was still and then the whip-poor-will
Would start his singing

Trilling while stars were rapidly filling the sky.
Whip-poor-will, I used to love to hear you call to me
Whip-poor-will, I know he meant the world and all to me
When the sun had gone to rest
I could hear you from your nest, Whip-poor-will
You used to whistle tenderly
And when the moon would swing
Across the branches of the trees above
You would sing
Your plaintive little melodies of love
Now though you're no longer near
In my dreams I still can hear
Whip-poor-will ever calling to me.


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