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Harry Ruby

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When Those Sweet Hawaiian Babies Roll Their Eyes
Words by Edgar Leslie
Music by Harry Ruby

New York. Published by Kalmar, Puck & Abrahams, 1570 Broadway.

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1st verse:
Handsome Harry Gray
To Honolulu sailed one day
He was to come back right away
But when he saw the peaches on the beaches down at Waikiki
He wrote his friends across the sea
If you're sad and lonely here's the only place on earth to be.

When those sweet Hawaiian babies roll their eyes up to the skies
I'm here to bet you they'll get you
For they surely do know how to hypnotize
They've got a way about them I just idolize
I've met the Senoritas and Mam'selles from Paris and Madrid
But they never made me do the things those Hula maidens did
If you see them once or twice you'll think you're in Paradise
When those sweet Hawaiian babies roll their eyes.

2nd verse:
Harry's family was just as worried as could be
His father sailed to Waikiki
He said I'm gonna get him I'll not let him stay another day
Just then a Hula passed his way
The moment that he saw her He fell for her then they heard him say.


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