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Why Are You Weeping Dear Kathleen
Song and Chorus
Written by J.M.Brown
Music by F. Wilder

Boston. Published by G.D. Russell & Co., 126 Tremont Opp. Park St.

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1st verse:
Why are you weeping dear Kathleen?
Your eyes with the tears are blurr'd;
Tell me, O tell me my darlint,
What is it troubles your mind?
O surely you have forgotten
The cross word I spoke to you.
'Twas but for a moment, darling,
I deemed the false untrue.

O, dry up your tears Kathleen,
And cease that heart-rending strain;
And I will promise you, darling,
I'll never be angry again.

2nd verse:
'Twas in a moment of sadness,
I spoke so harshly to you;
O, no! it must have been madness,
To think thee, my angel untrue.
Say you forgive me my darling,
Forgive me with all your heart,
And O, I shall be so happ,
That from thee, I'll never depart.


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