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My Land

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Chauncey Olcott's song successes in his new production Macushla by Rida Johnson Young, August Pitou manager.

Price 25 cents

New York. (144-146 W. 37th St.), M. Witmark & Sons (1910)

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When little troubles are growing,
When all the world looks blue,
When life’s cup seems overflowing
With failure, whatever you do;
Then is no time for repining,
Don’t lie down idly and sigh,
Come where the bright sun is shining,
Where clouds never darken the sky:

Come to my land, my land!
Ever bright never say die land;
Come where all sorrow is met with a smile,
Come where a fellow learns life is worthwhile,
In my land, my land!
Sensible get up and try land,
Grief and despair total strangers are there,
Only love and success live in my land.
Come to my land.

If you love someone sincerely,
If you doubt she loves you,
Don’t be distracted, or nearly,
For may be some one loves you too;
Just keep your heart bent on winning,
You will succeed by and by,
Don’t forget from the beginning,
In my land we never say die:



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