Historic Sheet Music Collection

You Remind Me of My Mother

George M. Cohan

George M. Cohan's comedians in the new musical play Little Nellie Kelly.

Book, lyrics, and music by George M. Cohan.

Copyright MCMXXII by M. Witmark & Sons.

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You ask me why I fell in love with you,
I’m going to tell you the truth, dear,
I’m going to tell you the truth.
The reason why I fell in love with you,
Is because, my darling,
I find that you always bring to my mind
A certain someone
I have loved since before I cut a tooth.

You remind me of my mother
my mother was a lot like you,
So many little things you do
I find they bring to mind my mother,
I never thought there’d be another
Would have that sweet appeal,
Or could make me feel, that the old fool world was real
I’ve got a tin-type of my mother
When mother was a girl like you
You look a lot alike you two,
Her hair was just as fair, her eyes used to twinkle just the same as your eyes do,
You remind me of my mother that’s why I love you.

I never knew you fell in love with me,
I’m glad you told me the truth, dear,
|I’m glad you told me the truth.
Twas such a lovely thing to say to me,
For I know the love of mother
Is a love that’s like no other,
The sweetest thought that
ever could be whispered by a youth.



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