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Words and Music by W.R. Williams Composer of "When the Moon Plays Peek-A-Boo," When Teddy Comes Marching," "Gee! But There's Class to a Girl Like You" etc.

Will Rossiter Chicago. 158 W. Lake St. Chicago, Ill.
Albert + Son, Sydney Australia
Copyright MCMX by Will Rossiter

Cover illustration of Grace Wilson, "The Girl with a Million Friends"

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I want to tell you a story
A story of love’s sweet refrain
Filled with adventure and glory
All over and over again
Strange are the capers of cupid,
Strolling ‘long love’s broad-way
Tho’ the story is old ‘tis the sweetest that’s told
So dearie I just want to say

I’d love to live in love-land with a girl like you
And ev’ry day a holiday, with skies of baby blue
Where roses bloom forever and sweethearts are always true
I’d love to live in love-land with a girl like you
I’d you

Ev’ry things lovely in Loveland
Where ev’ry heart’s beating in tune
Like turtle doves are in doveland
And life seems a grand honey moon
There we can stroll in the moonlight,
By babbling brooks we’ll stray
Won’t you come girl of mine to that wonderful clime,
And love-light will show us the way




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