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Words by Sylvester Maguire
Music by Alfred Solman, Composer of "With You in Eternity."
Price 60 cents

Published by Jos. W. Stern & Co. 102-104 West 38th St., New York.

Baritone or Alto in C.

Copyright MCMVIII by Jos. W. Stern & Co.

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If I but knew your heart, dear,
Knew that you cared for me,
Sorrow would soon depart, dear,
Leaving but joy to me.
Loved one, whate’er you bid me,
I’d give my life to do,
And if this world were mine, dear,
I’d give it all to you!

I had a thousand lives to live,
I’d live each one for you!
If I had a thousand hearts to give,
I’d give each one to you!
A thousand sorrows I would bear,
For one so fair so true,
If I had a thousand lives to live,
I’d live each one for you! live each one for you!

Just as the weary dove, dear,
Flies to it’s shelt’ring nest,
So with a soul of love, dear,
I find with you sweet rest.
And as the twining ivy
Clings to the trembling vine,
So clings my heart to you, dear,
Yearning to call you mine!



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