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J. Fred Helf

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Words and music by J. Fred Helf of "Mamma's Boy" No One Can Take Your Place"

Published by Helf & Hager Co. Incorporated
Music Publishers 48 W. 38th St. New York City

Copyright MCMV, by Helf & Hager Co. Inc.

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Oft in fancy down in Dixieland I’m roaming
By the Swanee banks I wander with a sigh
And I kiss my Dixie sweetheart in the gloaming
As I did the night I sadly said good bye
Once again down by the Swanee where we parted
In my dreams I stand once more with bowed down head
Geneveive ‘twas there I left you broken hearted
While I kissed your dear sweet lips and softly said.

Where the sweet Magnolia buds begin to blossom
When the swallows for the south begin to leave
Oh Genevieve sweet Genevieve,
I’ll be waiting in the gloaming Genevieve.

Far away from Dixieland tonight I’m dreaming
Of a lassie ‘neath the dear old Southern sky
I can see her where the silv’ry light is gleaming
On the banks where oft we wandered she and I
Then my heart is heavy as I wait in sadness
For the day that brings me to my darling’s side
Soon my sorrow will be changed sweetheart to gladness
‘Neath the sweet magnolias with my Dixie bride.




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