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Chauncey Olcott's song successes in his new production Barry of Ballymore by Rida Johnson Young
Augustus Pitou Manager

Lyric by Geo. Graff Jr.
Music by Chauncey Olcott and Ernest R. Ball

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I have wandered around, but I never have found
The heart that was meant for me.
Still I ought to have known that in Ireland alone,
The mate to my heart must be.
The name in my dreams has been Mary,
So wonderf’ly tender and true.
And this small little glove
Seems a token of love.
And my dreams have all started anew.

I love the name of Mary,
Gentle and sweet nor airy
Tender as e’er a fairy
Just as true
And from my hearts glad singing,
And from the hopes there springing
Future days are bringing
And you too Mary.

This small glove seems to be, but a challenge to me
To enter the race for love
And to search brave and bold like the warriors of old
The hand that can wear this glove.\
It seems like a tale from the fairies
Of love in the good days of yore.
And perhaps it’s a test
And I’ll win like the rest.
And happy we’ll live evermore.



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