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Mr. Mort. H. Singer presents the musical comedy The Prince of To-Night

Book & Lyrics by Will M. Hough and Frank R. Adams
Music by Jos. E. Howard

Produced at the Princess Theatre Chicago, Ill.

Published by Chas. K. Harris New York Chicago ...

Copyright MCMIX by Chas. K. Harris

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You have loved lots of girls in the sweet long ago
And each one has meant Heaven to you,
You have vowed your affection to each one in turn
And have sworn to them all you’d be true;
You have kissed ‘neath the moon while the world seemed in tune,
Then you’ve left her to hunt a new game,
Does it ever occur to you later my boy,
That she’s probably doing the same?

I wonder who’s kissing her now,
Wonder who’s teaching her now,
Wonder who’s looking into her eyes
Breathing sighs, telling lies;
I wonder who’s buying the wine,
For lips that I used to call mine,
Wonder if she ever tells him of me,
I wonder who’s kissing her now.
I kissing her now

If you want to feel wretched and lonely and blue,
Just imagine the girl you love best
In the arms of some fellow who’s stealing a kiss
From the lips that you once fondly pressed;
But the world moves a pace and the loves of today
Flit away with a smile and a tear,
So you never can tell who is kissing her now,
Or just whom you’ll be kissing next year.




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