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By Harry S. Loewenthal writer of Fluffy Ruffles

Hello W Morning
The Fraternal Amusement Company
115 W. 121st New York City
We'll "Show" You Music Publications
Gotham Attucks Music Co., 136 W. 37th St., N.Y. Sole Selling Agents

Copyright 1908 by Fraternal Amusement Co.

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'Twas in a garden where flowers fair,
With fragrance rare, perfumed the air,
There sat a lassie with eyes of blue,
Someones sweetheart too, with a love so true,
Soon came a lad with a smile so sweet,
With manners neat, this lass to meet,
With love and devotion as deep as the ocean,
These words with delight he'd repeat.

I'd like to be the sweetheart of a girl like you,
With lips as sweet as honey and with eyes of blue,
Of all the likes, that I've liked, only one will do,
For I'd like to be the sweetheart of a girl like you.

In solitude she was left alone,
With sweetest thoughts of only one,
Dreaming of one whom she thought had gone,
But it was not long, for she heard a song,
When with surprise some one whispered "dear,
Sweetheart I'm near, your voice I hear,
So Carrie don't tarry let you and I marry,
I long to have you ever near.


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