Historic Sheet Music Collection

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Kalmar Puck & Abrahams Consolidated, Inc. Music Publishers
1570 Broadway, New York

Cover art signed Barbelle

Words by Edgar Leslie & Lew Brown
Music by Maurice Abrahams

Copyright 1915 by Maurice Abrahams Music Co. Inc.
1570 Broadway N.Y. City, Chicago Office 145 N. Clark St.

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Hello there long distance, please don’t make me wait in vain
I asked you to connect me with a homestead down in Maine.
I hate to hold the wire, don’t get mad if I complain
I long to hear my sweetheart’s voice again,
Oh, hello dear, yes, this is me, I’m many miles away,
I’m lonesome and I just called up to say.

Is there still room for me ‘neath the old apple tree
Where there once was a bench for two
Oh, that bench wasn’t long
And you know it wasn’t strong
When I sat there with you.
I’ve got fare back to Maine
And I’ll jump on a train
If your heart beats as fond and as true
Is there still room for me ‘neath the old apple tree
If there is I’ll come back to you.
Is there you.

Listen operator, what’s the matter with this ‘phone
It seems to me you never had a sweetheart of your own.
You say there’s wire trouble and you’ve got the numbers mixed
Well, hurry up and get the wires fixed.
Is that you dear? Yes I can hear, they cut us off somehow,
I’m waiting and I want your answer now.




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