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Gitz Rice

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Songs by Lieutenant Gitz Rice

Portrait of Lieut. Gitz Rice wityh list of songs on cover

Price 60¢ each

Leo. Feist Inc. New York
Herman Darewski Music Publishing Co. London, Eng.

Copyright MCMXVIII by Leo. Feist, Inc. Feist Building, N.Y.

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Over in the trenches,
Up to their eyes in clay,
Billy and Jack and Jimmie and Joe are singing all the day,
When they see a German,
Sticking up his snout,
They give him a chance to get out of France when they all shout!

“Keep your head down, Fritzie Boy,
Keep your head down, Fritzie Boy.
Last night in the pale moonlight, I saw you, I saw you,
You were fixing your barb’d wire,
When we opened “rapid fire!”
If you want to see your “Vater in the Vaterland”
Keep your head down Fritzie Boy.”

Soon the Boche got wiser,
Hearing this ev’ry night,
He sent us a bunch of Rifle Grenades to give us all a fright,
But he couldn’t stop us,
We let out a roar,
“We’ll give you your fill of old Kaiser Bill and this d war!”




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