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Sung with Great Success by the well-known Tenor, Frank Coombs.

Words by Dave Reed Music by Ernest R. Ball Writers of Love Me and the World is Mine, Etc.

M. Witmark & Sons. New York. Chicago. London. Paris.


Inset photo of Frank Coombs on cover

Copyright MCMX by M. Witmark & Sons.

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I never knew that sunbeams shone so brightly,
I never knew that such sweet flowers grew,
I never saw the stars that twinkle nightly
Until the day, my love, when I met you.
I never knew that I would feel so lonely,
Yet when you go, my very soul goes too.
My life would know but gladsome moments only,
Could I but live it to the end with you.

My heart has learned to love you,
Now do not say good bye;
You filled my life with fondest hopes,
In childhood days gone by.
Were you to leave me now, dear,
My very soul would die!
My heart has learned to love you,
Now do not say goodbye.

What tho’ the flow’rs sweet incense e’re be lending,
What tho’ the moonbeams make night bright as day,
What tho’ the bird’s sweet cadence be unending,
‘Twould be as naught to me, were you away.
Let all the world bestow its grandest treasures,
E’en gates of Heav’n swing wide to let me thro’.
‘Twould be an endless life bereft of pleasures,
Had I to live it, loved one, without you.



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