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Words by Jeff T. Nenarb. Music by Ernest R. Ball composer of "Mother Machree," "A Little Bit of Heaven Shure They Call it Ireland," "Till the Sands of the Desert Grow Cold," "If it Takes a Thousand Years" "After the Roses Have Faded Away," "I'm Glad it Was Only a Dream," etc.


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I was dreaming last night in the moon’s silv’ry light,
In my dreams I was gazing across the blue sea;
As she stood on the shore,
I could see her once more,
And I knew she was waiting for me.

She’s the fairest of Ireland’s fair daughters,
She’s as sweet as a wild Irish rose.
Sure her laughter just ripples like waters.
Far away where Shannon flows.
She is just like her mother, I want for no other,
She’s more than the whole world to me.
May the angels above her protect and love her,
She’s the daughter of Mother Machree.

What I saw in my dreams was the truth, so it seems,
For I have here a letter that reached me today.
Sure it’s stained with her tears,
I’ve not seen her in years,
but I’m going back home right away.




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