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Arthur A. Penn

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Lyric and music by Arthur A. Penn writer of "The Magic of Your Eyes" "Sunrise and You" "Just to Hear You Whisper" :Carissima" "Yokohama Maid" (Operetta) "Lass of Limerick Town" (Operetta) etc

Solo 50 cents Duet 65 cents
Quartet - Male, Female and Mixed Voices 15 cents each net
Violin or Cello Obligato 15 cents each net
Violin and Piano 50¢ Cello and Piano 50¢ Violin, Cello and Piano 65¢

M. Wittmark & Sons New York Chicago Philadelphia San Francisco Boston London

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There’s a little brown road windin’ over the hill
To a little white cot by the sea;
There’s a little green gate
At whose trellis I wait,
While two eyes o’ blue
Come smilin’ through
At me!

There’s a gray lock or two in the brown of the hair,
There’s some silver in mine, too, I see;
But in all the long years
When the clouds brought their tears,
Those two eyes o’ blue
Kept smilin’ through
At me!

And if ever I’m left in this world all alone,
I shall wait for my call patiently;
For if Heaven be kind,
I shall wake there to find
Those two eyes o’ blue
Still smilin’ through
At me!



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