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Burning Love

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Burning love: Ahi wela, arranged by W.A. Aeko. English lyric by Arthur Denvir. New York : John Franklin Music Co.

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(English lyrics)
Like the blazeing desert sun,
So doth love consume the heart
And its flames we ne'er can shun,
If once struck by Cupid's dart.

Love that gladens,
Love that saddens,
Love that calls us, that enthrals us,
When with love our hearts are burning,
Nought can quench the flames but love.

When love's fires are cold and dead,
Spent with years that time has spanned
or untended hearts unfed,
Love's fires die their flames unfanned.

(Original lyrics)
A elua nomaua Aikeiahana
Laiai kekaunu ana
Hooni pomekuu lani.

Ahi wela mainei loko
I ka hana akealoha kelalawenei
kuuki no koni koni lua ika puuwai.



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