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With Betty Compson and Bert Lytell. Lyric by Arthur Glendale. Adolph Zucker presents a George Fitzmaurice production "To Have and to Hold" Melody by Menlo Mayfield.

A Paramount Picture

Published by Joe Mittenthal, Inc 1591 Broadway, New York

Copyright MCMXXII by Joe Mittenthal

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In days of old when knights were bold,
In story books I’ve read,
A girl when old enough was told
Just whom she was to wed,
But even then the lass knew when
Her heart warmed or grew cold;
And as you or I,
She would live or die,
For the man she wished to have and hold.

To have and to hold and to love you, dear,
To win you and know that you’re always near,
To know that you’re mine and will love me true,
To know that I’m always in love with you.
To kiss your sweet lips and win your caress,
Is Heaven to me, I confess,
Life will be worth while for me,
Just so you and I agree, to have and to hold.

And now a days the pretty ways
Of women seem to show,
They still can raise the deuce and daze
Most any man they know;
Except that now they study how
To really knock you cold;
And it seems to me
Some are just a wee
Little bit too bold, to have and hold.



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