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Words by Dave Reed and Geo. Graff Jr. Music by Ernest R. Ball. Writers of "Love Me, and the World is Mine" and "As Long as the World Rolls On".

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A wonderful power has entered my life,
It came when your eyes reached my heart.
I live in a glorious dreamland with you,
A kingdom of love set apart,
And all of my joys are because I love you,
For love is my life and my all,
And ages to be, only mean you to me,
To love until Heaven’s roll call.

Stars of hope are burning low, dear,
And all the world is filled with woe, dear,
My heart will bid me go, dear
To the end of the world with you!
end of the world with you!

I dreamed of your coming and longed for you so,
I built you a shrine in my love,
And all that my fancy had dreamed, love, of you
You brought when you came from above.
Without you I’d be as a lost mountain stream,
That never has reached to the sea;
Eternity’s all seems as ages too small,
To live out my longing for thee.



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