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The Successor to "Roses Bring Dreams of You"

Words and Music by Herbert Ingraham

Photo of La Titcomb

Illustrator: Starmer

Published by Shapiro Music Publisher, Boradway and 39th St., New York

Copyright 1909 by Maurice Shapiro Broadway & 39th St. New York. International Copyright Secured. All Rights Reserved.

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Seems I must have dreamed a dream,
Of some other world ‘twould seem,
Where we spent love’s happy hours, you and I;
There the birds in joyous song, sang of love the whole day long,
The soft winds seemed to breathe a peaceful sigh.
I think I see you best as the sun sinks down to rest,
For ‘twas then I kissed your lips and said Goodbye;
Then you seemed to fade away, like the night before the day,
And left me here alone to wonder why.

I dream in the gloaming of you,
Of days when I know you were true,
A rose nearly grown, all your Innocence shown,
In beautiful eyes of blue;
I see you as if in a dream,
Smile back in the fire light’s gleam;
I love you yet, and I cannot forget,
When I dream in the gloaming of you.

Dear old summer said farewell,
And the winter came to dwell,
And the little birds have southward taken flight;
It is Christmas Eve again, with it’s gladness and it’s pain,
I wonder girlie where you are tonight;
I hope you’re happy there, that you never have a care,
But some day when beauty’s gone, you’ll cease to roam.
Then if you should need a friend, until life for me shall end,
I’ll be waiting here to welcome you back home.



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