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When I Marry You
Song Words by Alfred Bryan, Music by Albert Gumble

Photo: Cheridah Simpson, Illustrator: De Takacs

Jerome H. Remick & Co. New York-Detroit

Respectfully dedicated to Miss Gertrude Davidson

Performing Rights Reserved. Public performance prohibited unless licensed by the publisher.

Copyright MCMVII, by Jerome H. Remick & Co., Successors to The Whitney Warner Pub. Co., Detroit, New York.

Copyright, Canada, MCMVIII, by Jerome H. Remick Co. Propidad para la Republica Mexicana de Jerome H. Remick & Co., Detroit, y New York, Depositada, conforme a la ley.

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Two sweethearts strolling ‘mid roses in June,
Two little sweet hearts just learning to spoon,
She rolls her eyes, he softly sighs “I will marry you, only you.
When we are married we’ll live love and dream,
Life will be sunshine and peaches and cream,”
But she murmurs: “Joe dear, I first want to know, dear,
So tell me true.”

“Will you love me all the time,
Summer time, winter time,
Will you love me rain or shine, as I love you.
Will you kiss me every day,
Will you miss me when away,
Will you stay at home and play, when I marry you.”


Man in the moon seemed to look down and smile,
Boy drooped his head and was silent a while,
He stole a kiss, then whispered this “I’ll be always near, never fear.
It is so easy to be true to you,
Maidens like you in this world are so few,
But what worries you, dear, will worry me too, dear,
So tell me true.”



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