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When It's Apple Blossom Time In Normandie Song, Popular Edition

Written and Composed by Mellor, Gifford and Trevor

Jerome H. Remick & Co. New York. Detroit.

Copyright 1912 by Francis, Day & Hunter. Jerome H. Remick & Co., New York and Detroit. All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured.

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On a farm in Normandy,
There resided Rose Marie.
She was the pride of the country side,
Fair as a maid could be.
Came a lover bold one day,
With a most persuasive lay,
Tho’ she was grieving, when he was leaving,
He consol’d her in this way.

“When it’s apple blossom time in Normandy!
I want to be in Normandy,
By that dear old wishing well,
With you, Marie!
When it’s apple blossom time in Normandy,
I’m coming back to woo,
And the spring will bring a wedding ring,
Little sweetheart, to you!”
When it’s you!

Said Marie “It’s clear to me,
Tho’ sincere you seem to be,
I am afraid of the promise made:
You may not come back to me.
By the wishing well to day,
I shall wish that you will stay.”
Said he despairing,
“Love, I’m declaring,
I’m earnest, when I say.


Apple blossom time soon came,
Rose Marie then chang’d her name,
For with the spring he had brought the ring,His loving bride to claim.
By the wishing well they stray,
Happiness is theirs today,
‘Mid blossoms falling, he is recalling,
What he fondly used to say.




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