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Harry von Tilzer's Successor to "Wait 'Till the Sun Shines Nellie"

Words by Andrew B. Sterling Music by Harry von Tilzer

Illustrator: Gene Buck (Edward Eugene)

Copyright 1906 by Harry Von Tilzer Music Pub. Co. 37 W. 28th St. N.Y. English Copyright Secured.

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Molly dear, now don’t be sighing,
Molly, dear now don’t be sad,
Winter days, will soon be flying,
Spring will come and you’ll be glad;
Through the fields we’ll roam together,
To the church just down the lane,
Though ‘tis dark and stormy weather,
Spring-time dear will come again.

When the flowers bloom in springtime, Molly bye and bye,
We’ll go roaming in the gloaming ‘neath a summer sky,
Down in clover land we’ll wander we’ll be happy don’t you fear;
When the flowers bloom in spring-time,
In the spring-time dear.

Molly dear, the birds are singing,
Molly dear, the world is gay,
Marriage bells, will soon be ringing,
For this is our wedding day;
Sweet heart mine the sun is shining,
Let me whisper once again,
As I did when you were pining,
Spring-time dear will come again.



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