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Dolly Connolly's Big Hit

Words by Jack Mahoney
Music By Percy Wenrich

Photo: Dolly Connolly

Popular Edition
Leo Feist, Inc. New York
Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew, Ltd. London, England.

Copyright MCMXIV by Leo, Feist, Inc., Feist Building, N.Y.
International Copyright Secured and Reserved.
London - Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew, Limited.

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I met you in a garden in an old Kentucky town,
The sun was shining down, you wore a gingham gown;
I kissed you, as I placed a yellow tulip in your hair,
Upon my coat you pinned a rose so rare.
Time has not changed your lovliness, you’re just as sweet to me,
I love you yet, I can’t forget the days that used to be.

When you wore a tulip, a sweet yellow tulip, and I wore a big red rose,
When you caressed me, ‘twas then Heaven blessed me, what a blessing, no one knows.
You made life cheerie, when you called me dearie, ‘twas down where the blue grass grows,
Your lips were sweeter than julep, when you wore that tulip and I wore a big red rose.
When rose.

The love you vowed to cherish has not faltered thro’ the years,
You banish all my fears, your voice like music cheers,
You are the same sweet girl I knew in happy days of old,
Your hair is silver, but your heart is gold,
Red roses blush no longer in your cheeks so sweet and fair,
It seems to me, dear, I can see white roses blooming there.




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