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Harry Ennis

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Won't You Be My Sweeteart
A Dainty Love Song

By Harry Ennis

Published by Tyro Music Co.

265 6th Ave., New York

Chas. Sheard & Co., London Eng. (Charles Sheard & Co.)

Copyright MCMVI, By Thos. E. McGuiness (Thomas E. McGuiness)

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I feel so blue,
I long for you,
There’s nothing else on earth will satisfy me
I never knew till I met you,
That my heart could beat so loud and throb so wildly
I long to tell you dear how much I love you,
I am so sad,
Please make me glad,
Come and sit beside me say that you will try
to love me just a little bye and bye.

Won’t you be my sweetheart, can’t you see I’m all alone,
Won’t you be my sweetheart, won’t you call me all your own,
I will always love you and from you I’ll never part
So throw your arms around me and be my sweetheart,

I saw you wink,
And now I think,
That you have for a sweetheart long been pining
your answer’s yes, that I can guess,
For I see the love light in your eyes is shining
Just come and press your lips to mine and kiss me,
A word from you,
Will join us two,
Come and do not tarry let me hear you say
That you will love and honor and obey.



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