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Song by Williams & Van Alstyne

Photography: Louise Henry

Jerome H. Remick & Co - New York - Detroit

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The time was in June,
The bees humm’d a tune
The perfume of rose fill’d the air,
When just o’er the way,
Sat a baby one day,
All alone and no one seem’d to care,
But one passer by,
Turn’d and look’d with a sigh,
At the tears and the eyes swollen red,
Then close to her breast,
The young darling she press’d,
And tenderly to her she said.

Won’t you come over to my house,
Won’t you come over and play,
I’ve lots of playthings, a dolly or two
We live in the house ‘cross the way,
I’ll give you candy and sweet things,
I’ll put your hair in a curl,
Won’t you come over to my house,
And play that you’r my little girl.

Perhaps you don’t know,
That not long ago,
These toys I am giving to you,
Were my little girl’s,
Yes, my own little Pearl’s,
And her eyes were like yours, large and blue,
But one night I found,
That the angels came ‘round,
And they took her way up to the sky,
So don’t stay away,
But come over each day,
Or you’ll make your new Mama cry.




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